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5 Single Series 7 inches for $10 - Sale
AOTU Distro - - 7inch
You will get 5 random Art of the Underground Single Series 7"s for only $10.

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86 Mentality - On The Loose
Grave Mistake - - 7inch
With the long awaited follow up to 2004's debut self-titled 7" E.P., 86 MENTALITY are finally back at your jugular with six brand new tracks of tough as nails, skull splitting hardcore. You should know exactly what to expect, raging early 80's influenced hardcore punk, with a healthy dose street punk/oi thrown into the mix for good measure. Guaranteed not to disappoint anyone who was into their first 7" EP, these new tracks could arguably be their best material to date.
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86 Mentality - Final Exit
Deranged Records - - 7inch
DC’s Terror Boys are BACK with their third slab of wax entitled ‘Final Exit’. Both their earlier 7"s on GRAVEMISTAKE records are absolute shredders and this new 7" entitled ‘final exit’ follows in the same vein of oi inspired hardcore punk. These six new tracks are full of crushing power that won’t let down fans of tough early American like Negative Approach and S.O.A and early BLITZ.
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9 Shocks Terror - Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass
Havoc Records - - CD
This includes all Nine Shocks Terror's recorded output up to 2002 with the exception of the Sound Pollution lp "Paying Ohmage." You get the material from "Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass" lp (Havoc Mix), "Mobile Terror Unit" 7", Nine Shocks Terror / Killers split 7", Tomorrow Will be Worse Vol. 2 comp., Nine Shocks Terror / Devoid of Faith split 7", four live tracks from "Speakin' Tongues", "Earth Wind and the Sheik Throwing Fire" 7", Spanking Nurse comp., one song live on a radio show and one song from a Suburban Voice comp. Since a lot of this material is out of print, this is your chance to catch up with some critical early Nine Shocks stuff. And for everyone who keeps asking for "Zen" on cd, here it is.
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ABC Weapons - Bitter End
Global Warning - - 7inch
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